7 Mart 2010 Pazar


Helga Henschen'in Olof Palme'ye ağıtı.

you who still have lips
speak to the neighbors in the hallway
speak to people in the street
and in the subway

those, who still have ears
will hear

write words on paper
on walls and on banners
carry the words through the city
high above your heads
so everyone can see
distribute leaflets
about freedom resistance peace
solidarity and human dignity

let the words fly like swallows
to faraway lands
guided by the stars
like doves of hope
to our sisters and brothers
in the prisons of the world
those who could not be silent

you who still have lips

words can become suns
words can become rivers
words can open gates
and build bridges
words can overthrow tyrants
if enough of us
arm ourselves with words

speak speak
it is our duty
to those who spoke
while they still
had lips

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